oken Multisender reduces the Airdrop Token Price for Ethereum Airdrops. Token Bulksender batch sending ERC20, ETH, Ethereum tokens.

Reduce the Airdrop Token Price for Ethereum Airdrops with the Token Multisender application. Use token bulksender batch sending ERC20, Ethereum send to multiple addresses for Ethereum ERC20 tokens airdrops or dividends distributions, Ether payment to multiple addresses at once.

Save as much Etherem Gas as possible with this token bulksender service.


This ERC20 token and Ethereum multisender application uses a verified Ethereum smart contract to send ERC20 tokens or Ethereum to many recipients in a single or a small number of transactions using only the bare minimum of gas needed.

No fee! No fixed or percent fee is charged by this service. You choose how much tip from the amount of gas saved for you by this service.

Use the Gas Sharing option to select the tip appropriate.

The open source MultiSend smart contract is used by this token multisender application to save gas on token multi send transactions.

Use the ERC20 Dividend Payments WordPress plugin to pay dividends to your token holders if the Ethereum Wallet‘s generated accounts are used to hold user tokens.

Instruction – MultiSend

Connect to your MetaMask wallet to distribute ERC20 tokens or Ethereum to multiple wallets.

Choose ERC20 token or just the Ether for Ethereum airdrops and input comma separated list of Ethereum account addresses and values.

Select the Gas Price option from fast and a high price to a slow and a low price. You can change it more precisely in the MetaMask later.

Select the Gas Sharing option. It is a tip you are OK with. The tip is taken only from the gas this service has saved for you. The save d gas amount is shown under the Your gas savings, ETH indicator.

For ERC20 tokens sign the Approve transaction to allow the MultiSend smart contract to multisend your tokens.

Sign ERC20 tokens or Ethereum multi sending transactions.

Wait until all your airdrop token price transactions would be mined

Congratulations! Your tokens ethereum send to multiple addresses done successfully.

Use the Crowdsale Contract and ERC20 Token Development Service if you need to develop your own ERC20 token to distribute by this token multi sender app