Development of a reusable high quality code components for blockchain project ideas is too expensive for freelance blockchain developer. Only big companies can do it themselves, but they have no incentive to share their code with the community.

Our goal is to build a collection of plugins valuable for the whole crypto community. To achieve this goal we do sponsored developments that adds new features to this WordPress plugins collection.

Functionality implemented in a bounds of the sponsorship program is released to this program members only, and locked for some period before being released to the rest of the community.

The idea is to find a balance between development cost compensation for the freelance blockchain developer and interests of the community in general.

The team

Oleg Abrosimov
Oleg Abrosimov, CEO, Founder

Conditions – Freelance Blockchain Developer

  • We do development that enhances this plugins collection only. We do not do proprietary systems development
  • All code developed as a part of this development is a property of the and will be shared with the community
  • Each task is estimated as a number of working weeks required to implement it
  • Cost is calculated as a number of working weeks multiplied by $1,600
  • New feature sponsor with blockchain project ideas is required to pay the full feature implementation cost forward. It does not depends on the number of sponsors interested in this feature
  • Sponsor gets lifetime licenses for all plugins involved in the new feature development immediately after payment
  • New implemented by the freelance blockchain developer feature is released to a sponsor immediately when completed, and
  • released to the rest of the community a number of months equal to the number of working weeks estimated later
  • The actual development time of the feature can exceed the estimated time. In this case no extra payment is charged. Sponsor is expected to wait some more time in return.
  • Until the new feature is released sponsor can exit the program with a full refund and no questions asked guarantee
  • Features estimated as taking less then one working week still can be sponsored, but are not eligible for the early access program and will be released to the whole community immediately

For example, if some task is estimated by the freelance blockchain developer as two weeks, it will cost $3,200 and be released to the sponsor two weeks later, and two months after the sponsor release date later to the rest of the community.

If another task is estimated as 3 days, it will cost $960 and be released 3 days after to both – the sponsor and the community.

Contact us via or in a support chat on this site if interested please.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Can the freelance blockchain developer sponsorship program price be decreased after it is already started (at least one member joined it)?
    • No. Interest of the first joined sponsor is the most important. And the most deserved return for sponsors is exclusivity. We do not provide it, but only the early access privilege. If price would be lowered before the early access cooldown is exhausted, it will ruin the semi-exclusivity of the early access guarantee the first sponsor has paid for.