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You pay NO FEE if selling your ERC20/ERC223 tokens. Except the standard Ethereum transaction fee in gas. The typical tx gas price is 0.000260354 Ether ($0.16). So, you can limit the minimum tokens amount to buy with this plugin to be not less then 100$ in price. Then you’ll pay just 16 cents in Ether for 100$ or more.

If you sell Ether, you pay a small fee for each purchase. For example, if customer buy 1 Ether, you’ll spend 1.015 Ether from your deposit. Customer will get 1 Ether and the Gateway smart contract would get a 0.015 Ether fee.

The fee is published in a blockchain and is limited by a maxFee property in smart contract. This guaranties your safety as a plugin customer. The feePercent and maxFee values are saved as % * 10^6:

  • The maxFee is 3% which is saved as 3000000 and can not be changed.
  • The feePercent is 1,5% which is saved as 1500000 and can be changed in a 0% to 3% range.

We reserve the right to change the fee in the 0% to 3% range to reflect the market changes.