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  • Sell Litecoin for any WooCommerce supported currency.
  • Your customer can buy Litecoin just like any other product in WooCommerce
  • Dynamic Litecoin price from can be configured
  • This dynamic price can be marked by % to guaranty profit
  • The Litecoin address required input field is added to the Checkout page if the Litecoin product is added to the cart
  • The WC Vendors Marketplace plugin integration
  • Friendly admin panel
  • The minimum amount of Litecoin can be set for purchase to protect you from spam purchases
  • The quantity increase/decrease step is configured per product
  • The Litecoin transaction hash and link is added to the order notes to assist you in corner cases
  • Decimal product quantities can be specified by users – you can sell 0.005 Litecoin for example
  • The Litecoin tx fee is auto adjusted
  • The Hot wallet private key is auto generated first time plugin is installed
  • Previous Hot wallet private key is stored in a hidden option object when new one is entered