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  • To show NFTs of the current user account insert the [ethereum-wallet-nft columns="3" rows="2"] shortcode wherever you like. Or the [ethereum-wallet-nft columns="3" rows="2" account="0x6975be450864c02b4613023c2152ee0743572325"] to show NFTs of a specific account
  • To show user’s Ethereum account address insert the [ethereum-wallet-account] shortcode wherever you like. You can use label="My label" attribute to set your own label text. And nolabel="yes" attribute to display no label at all.
  • To show user’s Ethereum account address’s Ether balance insert the [ethereum-wallet-balance] shortcode wherever you like
  • To show user’s Ethereum account address’s TSX ERC20 token balance insert the [ethereum-wallet-balance tokenname="TSX" tokenaddress="0x6Fe928d427b0E339DB6FF1c7a852dc31b651bD3a"] shortcode wherever you like
  • The Cryptocurrency Product for WooCommerce plugin integration for the [ethereum-wallet-balance] shortcode is available. Add the tokenwooproduct attribute with a product id of the corresponding WooCommerce Token product as a value to display the balance in a fiat currency as well. The token to fiat currency rate would be calculated from the WooCommerce product price. Example: [ethereum-wallet-balance tokenname="TSX" tokenaddress="0x6Fe928d427b0E339DB6FF1c7a852dc31b651bD3a" tokenwooproduct="123"]. Result: 12.345 TSX $12.34.
  • Dynamic ETH or ERC20 token price feature of the Cryptocurrency Product for WooCommerce plugin is supported.
  • The tokeniconpath attribute added to the [ethereum-wallet-balance] shortcode turns it to a more sophisticated widget with token icon. For token: [ethereum-wallet-balance tokensymbol="TSX" tokenname="Test Coin" tokenaddress="0x6Fe928d427b0E339DB6FF1c7a852dc31b651bD3a" tokenwooproduct="123" tokeniconpath=""]. For Ether: [ethereum-wallet-balance displayfiat="1" tokeniconpath=""].
  • Use tokendecimals attribute to configure the desired digits after the decimal separator count for the [ethereum-wallet-balance] shortcode.
  • Use tokendecimalchar attribute to configure the desired decimal separator character for the [ethereum-wallet-balance] shortcode.
  • The [ethereum-wallet-accounts-table] shortcode can be used to display a table of all accounts with fiat balances. Avatars and logins are also shown for the admin user. Integration with BuddyPress is provided for avatars display.
  • To show the send form insert the [ethereum-wallet-sendform] shortcode wherever you like
  • To show an account’s transactions history insert the [ethereum-wallet-history direction="in"] shortcode wherever you like. The direction attribute can have values in to show only input transactions, out to show only output transactions, or inout to show both input and output transactions. If attribute is omitted, the inout is used by default.
  • Pagination and filtering is available for the tx history table
  • Use the user_ethereum_wallet_address user_meta key to display the user’s account address, or for the Ethereum Wallet meta key setting of the Cryptocurrency Product for WooCommerce plugin
  • The user_ethereum_wallet_last_tx_hash user_meta key can be used to access the user’s most recent transaction
  • The Ethereum Gas price is auto adjusted according to the API
  • Balances and tx tables of the wallet-receiver are auto-refreshed by listening to the blockchain
  • Integration with the Ether and ERC20 tokens WooCommerce Payment Gateway plugin is provided
  • New account creation form shortcode: [ethereum-wallet-account-management-create]
  • Accounts list, select default shortcode: [ethereum-wallet-account-management-select]
  • Private key import shortcode: [ethereum-wallet-account-management-import]
  • Private key export shortcode: [ethereum-wallet-account-management-export]
  • QR-code is displayed for account and private key export shortcodes
  • QR-code Scanner for TOsection of SEND FORM
  • This plugin is l10n ready

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