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Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugin can sell any ERC20 token or an Ether from your WooCommerce store for fiat, Bitcoin or virtually any other currency.

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Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugin for WooCommerce is the only WooCommerce plugin that allows you to sell Ether or any ERC20/ERC223 token for fiat money like USD, EUR, … or any cryptocurrency, like bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin or any other WooCommerce supports. You can sell your ERC20 tokens for USD, EUR, or even Ether or another ERC20 token by using the Ether and ERC20 tokens WooCommerce Payment Gateway plugin.

It can be a valuable addition to your ICO strategy with the Ethereum ICO WordPress plugin!

The WordPress Ethereum Wallet plugin auto-creates a user wallet upon registration and allows user to send Ether or ERC20/ERC223 tokens from it. Using these two plugins your non-techie customers can register to obtain an Ethereum account address and then buy your tokens to be sent to this new address.

Live demo – Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugin

You can buy the Testcoin TSX Token to see this plugin in action.

The Testcoin TSX Token product is a ERC20 token product configured with a help of this plugin. You can buy this token with fiat money, Bitcoin or Ether. TSX tokens would be sent to your wallet automatically and immediately.


  • Sell any ERC20 or ERC223 tokens for any WooCommerce supported currency.
  • Sell Ether for any WooCommerce supported currency
  • Your customer can buy Ether or ERC20/ERC223 tokens just like any other product in WooCommerce
  • Ethereum address required input field is added to the Checkout page for all Cryptocurrency products
  • Friendly admin panel
  • Ethereum Address input field on the Add new order page to send tokens manually from admin panel
  • The Ethereum Address input box on the Add new order page is pre-populated with an address generated by the Ethereum Wallet plugin if installed
  • Dynamic ETH or ERC20 token price from can be configured. Set token price in Ether or any other crypto including the token itself, if listed on exchange.
  • Display base cryptocurrency price for dynamically priced products option
  • Input in store currency option to input product price in the store currency like USD, instead of the cryptocurrency selected
  • Free to use for Ether. Fixed fee per purchase
  • No fee per purchase for ERC20/ERC223 tokens.
  • The minimum amount of Ether or ERC20/ERC223 tokens can be set for purchase to protect you from spam purchases
  • The Ethereum transaction hash and link is added to the order notes to assist you in corner cases
  • Stock availability is auto-managed
  • Decimal product quantities can be inputted by users – you can sell 0.5 Ether for example
  • The Ethereum Gas price is auto adjusted according to the API
  • The only one true decentralized Ether and ERC20/ERC223 WooCommerce token sell plugin. There are no service other then the Ethereum blockchain is used in this plugin. You do not need to trust us or any other party. This plugin uses a public Gateway smart contract in the Ethereum blockchain to record and confirm orders
  • The Gateway smart contract: 0xa1fAFA8cD43804D4FEF8bF3B0E787A898476D980

The free Cryptocurrency Product for WooCommerce plugin version is also released. It allows to sell Ether, but no ERC20/ERC223 tokens. You still need this PRO version if you want to sell ERC20/ERC223 tokens.

Disclaimer – Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugin

By using this plugin you accept all responsibility for handling the account balances for all your users.

Under no circumstances is or any of its affiliates responsible for any damages incurred by the use of this plugin.

Every effort has been made to harden the security of this plugin, but its safe operation depends on your site being secure overall. You, the site administrator, must take all necessary precautions to secure your WordPress installation before you connect it to any live wallets.

You are strongly advised to take the following actions (at a minimum):

By continuing to use any of the plugins, you indicate that you have understood and agreed to this disclaimer.


Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet

Trezor Wallet


See the detailed installation guide: Install and Configure the Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugin.

Testing – Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugin

See the detailed testing guide: Test the Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugin.

Fees – Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugin

You pay NO FEE if selling your ERC20/ERC223 tokens. Except the standard Ethereum transaction fee in gas. The typical tx gas price is 0.000260354 Ether ($0.16). So, you can limit the minimum tokens amount to buy with this plugin to be not less then 100$ in price. Then you’ll pay just 16 cents in Ether for 100$ or more.

If you sell Ether, you pay a small fee for each purchase. For example, if customer buy 1 Ether, you’ll spend 1.015 Ether from your deposit. Customer will get 1 Ether and the Gateway smart contract would get a 0.015 Ether fee.

The fee is published in a blockchain and is limited by a maxFee property in smart contract. This guaranties your safety as a plugin customer. The feePercent and maxFee values are saved as % * 10^6:

  • The maxFee is 3% which is saved as 3000000 and can not be changed.
  • The feePercent is 1,5% which is saved as 1500000 and can be changed in a 0% to 3% range.

We reserve the right to change the fee in the 0% to 3% range to reflect the market changes.

Need help to configure Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugin?

Feel free to hire me!

Need help to develop a ERC20 token for your ICO?

Use the Crowdsale Contract and ERC20 Token Development Service

l10n – Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugin

This plugin is localization ready.

Languages this plugin is available now:

  • English
  • Russian(Русский)
  • German(Deutsche) by Johannes from decentris dot com

Feel free to translate this plugin to your language.

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Lifetime support and updates guaranty

Refund policy

7-days money back, excluding payment system fees

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