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To use any currency except USD and/or Bitcoin in the Ethereum ICO WordPress Plugin you need to fill the openexchangerates App Id setting.

Get openexchangerates App Id

Step 1. Register for openexchangerates App Id

Go to the to obtain the App Id and fill the form opened:

Get openexchangerates App Id

Then click the Continue button. The dashboard page should be loaded:

Get openexchangerates App Id

Step 2. Confirm email address

Open your mail box and look for an email with title like [Open Exchange Rates] Please confirm your email address. And click the link that looks like this one:

The dashboard page with information box Thank you for confirming your Open Exchange Rates account email address! should be loaded:

Get openexchangerates App Id

Step 3. Copy your App Id

Go to the App IDs section and copy the App ID value:

Get openexchangerates App Id

Step 4. Fill in the openexchangerates App Id setting

Open the Settings -> EthereumICO page and paste the App Id value in the App Id setting field.

Get openexchangerates App Id

Then press the Save Changes button to save Ethereum ICO WordPress Plugin settings.

Get openexchangerates App Id

Now you can use any currency supported by the on your ICO sale pages.

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