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The Infura API Key is used to communicate with the Ethereum blockchain. It is used in the Ethereum ICO WordPress Plugin, the Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugin for WooCommerce, the WordPress Ethereum Wallet plugin and in the Ether and ERC20 tokens WooCommerce Payment Gateway. Infura API ID supports Sepolia, Görli, Ropsten, Rinkeby and Kovan Ethereum testnets.

Step 1. Register

In order to get the infura API Key you need to register at Input your Name, email and a password, then click the SIGN UP button:


Then it will ask you to confirm your email confirm email

Go to your email box and check for a mail from Infura with a Verify your email title:

email verify

Open this email and press the CONFIRM EMAIL ADDRESS button.

Step 2. Create the infura API Key

Next will be the “Let’s Get Started” page, click the first list item entitled Get started and create your first project to access the Ethereum network!

project create

If you have lost here, try to go to the direct link to the dashboard:

Input your project name. The domain name of your site is a good choice here. Then press the CREATE button:

infura api rinkeby project create dialog

The infura API Key is created now. It is called PROJECT ID in infura terms. Copy the PROJECT ID value by pressing the small copy button at the right of it.

infura ropsten key project ID

Important! Never disclose the PROJECT SECRET value. This value is not needed for plugins configuration.

Step 3. Security settings

Do not modify security settings if not sure that you really need it!

It often leads to an API access problems effectively making the infura api key unusable. Just leave them untouched. You always can adjust them later after check that API works with default settings.

Step 4. Use the infura API Key

Paste the copied PROJECT ID value in the Api Key setting in the Ethereum ICO WordPress Plugin, the WordPress Ethereum Wallet Plugin, the Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugin for WooCommerce and the Ether and ERC20 tokens WooCommerce Payment Gateway.

Use Ropsten Infura, Rinkeby Infura, Kovan Infura or Görli Infura Etherem testnets to test your projects before releasing to production. All these test networks are supported by the

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