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Use the WC Vendors Marketplace Add-On to turn your NFT store to multi vendor NFT marketplace. Any EVM compatible blockchain like BSC or Polygon can be used.

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Choose your way to sell Ether, ERC20 or NFT tokens, Bitcoin...

We provide a number of WordPress cryptocurrency plugins, like the Ethereum ICO WordPress plugin, that can help you to perform your ICO. Or simply sell or accept your ERC20/NFT tokens, Ether, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin directly on your WordPress site. Set your MetaMask Ether ICO address and price Ethereum.

Since 2017 we bring the power of the worlds best CMS WordPress to the blockchain and cryptocurrency space

The Ethereum ICO is an Initial Coin Offering performed on the Ethereum blockchain with a help of the Crowdsale smart contract. It can be used to fund your startup idea.

The cornerstone of any ICO is a Whitepaper document that describes all aspects of your project to potential investors. Your team should put a lot of effort in it.

Next step is to build a website for your ICO project. Many ICO projects choose the WordPress web engine for their Crowdsale web sites.

This is where Ethereum ICO WordPress plugins are come to place.

For all plugins you have lifetime support and updates guaranty.

Ethereum ICO WordPress Plugin

Use the Ethereum ICO WordPress Plugin to sell your ERC20 Ethereum ICO tokens directly from your WordPress ICO website. Set your MetaMask ICO address and price Ethereum. Accept Ether for your ICO tokens, show ICO progress bar etc.

metamask ico
  • Tokens sell widget
  • Ethereum ICO progress bar
  • Tokens balance on the current user account
  • A table of recent token purchases by anyone, or by the current user
  • A referral address field
  • Airdrop mode
  • Download Metamask ICO button not installed
  • Automatic rate calculations to USD and BTC
  • Crowdsale bounty program
  • The transaction data to send to your crowdsale contract
  • Caching to limit the API calling rate to a reasonable value
  • Auto-conversion to other currencies of the Ether amount entered
  • Coins and token icons display
  • Min and max Ether amount limits
  • Test networks like ropsten or rinkeby
  • The base currency to display in token sell widget, progress bar and tx table
  • Private sale seed setting to count funds obtained in a non-Crowdsale contract way

Full Ethereum ICO WordPress Plugin Features List

Note that it requires the Crowdsale smart contract to work and can accept the Ether only.

Want to accept Fiat or Bitcoin?

You can sell your ERC20 or NFT tokens for fiat money like USD or EUR, or for any cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Litecoin with the Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugin for WooCommerce plugin.

ethereum ico

Any fiat money like USD, EUR, … or any cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin or any other supported by the WooCommerce can be accepted.

This plugin does not use the Crowdsale smart contract to work, it rather sends tokens directly from your hot wallet you need to configure.

All countless WooCommerce-compatible WordPress plugins can be used to enhance your Ethereum ICO marketing strategy in this case.

The AffiliateWP plugin can be used to build an affiliation strategy of any complexity. The Ethereum ICO WordPress Plugin supports only a very basic affiliation strategy. With the AffiliateWP plugin your possibilities are limitless.

Use the myCred plugin to implement user reward programs with myCred Points system. Configure myCred WooCommerce Payment Gateway to accept your myCred Points as a payment method to purchase your Ethereum ICO ERC20 or NFT tokens. This way you can incentivize users with your tokens for actions like reposting, commenting or purchasing.

An Ethereum Wallet for your new Ethereum ICO customers

Your non-techie users may have no Ethereum wallet at all. Support them with the WordPress Ethereum Wallet WordPress crypto plugin.

This plugin auto-generates an Ethereum account address upon user registration and allows user to buy your Ethereum ICO ERC20 tokens or NFT tokens to this account.

It is extremely important for users paying you in fiat currencies. Such users have no or very limited cryptocurrency knowledge and do not have Ethereum wallet at all.

Supporting these users with the WordPress Ethereum Wallet plugin you open a door for a wast magority of possible investors with no access to crypto market at all.

Accept ERC20 tokens in your WooCommerce store

Do not miss the free Ether and ERC20 tokens WooCommerce Payment Gateway plugin.

ethereum ico

It is the only one true decentralized payment gateway plugin that enables customers to pay with Ether or any ERC20, ERC223 or ERC777 token in your WooCommerce store.

The MetaMask ICO, WordPress Ethereum Wallet plugin, Trust Wallet and QR-code payment methods are supported.

In a combination with the Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugin for WooCommerce you can accept stablecoins like DAI, USDT or USDC for your Ether ICO tokens.

Need help to develop a NFT or ERC20 token for your Ethereum ICO?

If you do not have a ERC20 Ethereum ICO or NFT token or an Ethereum ICO Crowdsale contract yet, use our Crowdsale Contract and ERC20 Token Development Service to develop a ERC20 or NFT token and Crowdsale smart contracts according to your Ether ICO project requirements.

Airdrop your Ethereum ICO tokens

Feel free to use our MultiSend service to airdrop or distribute your Ethereum ICO tokens from your MetaMask wallet as a part of your marketing campaign or token dividends paiment.

Enter a comma-separated list of Ethereum ICO addresses and token values to send and this service will do it with the least Ethereum Gas usage possible saving you a lot of Ether.

Token Multisender reduces the Airdrop Token Price for Ethereum Airdrops. Token Bulksender batch sending ERC20, ETH, Ethereum tokens.

The ERC20 Dividend Payments WordPress plugin can be used to distribute ERC20 token dividends to your token holders that hold their tokens on accounts generated by the WordPress Ethereum Wallet plugin on your site directly.

Sell Bitcoin yourself

These Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugins collection can be used not only for Ethereum ICO websites.

With a help of the Bitcoin WordPress Plugin for WooCommerce You can sell Bitcoin directly from your WooCommerce store without any exchange fee.

Bitcoin would be automatically sent to your customers immediately after their payment would be confirmed by the payment gateway used.

Bitcoin WordPress Plugin
Bitcoin WordPress Plugin

There are Litecoin WordPress Plugin for WooCommerce, Dash WordPress Plugin for WooCommerce and Dogecoin WordPress Plugin for WooCommerce addons also available.

If the automatic delivery featured by the Cryptocurrency Product for WooCommerce plugin does not fit your business model, use the Dynamic Price WordPress Plugin for WooCommerce. Create WooCommerce products dynamically priced as Bitcoin, Gold or any other currency, cryptocurrency or precious metal like Gold or Platinum. Common usecases for the Dynamic Price WordPress Plugin for WooCommerce includes a manual cryptocurrency delivery and purchasing crypto from your clients for fiat.

Sell your collectible ERC721 NFT tokens

Have some collectible ERC721 NFT tokens to sell? Use the NFT WordPress Plugin Kit to sell tokens directly from your own store without any external service fee.


See the NFT Marketplace – HOWTO for all details please.

Again, since your NFT token would be a first class WooCommerce Product, all WooCommerce compatible plugins can be used to enhance your customer’s experiences and your profit as a result. Like the Auctions for WooCommerce plugin for example.

Multi Vendor Crypto Store

WC Vendors Marketplace Add-On enables frontend features of the WC Vendors Marketplace PRO plugin for cryptocurrency products. Your customers can become vendors and sell their own crypto currencies from your store without wp-admin pages access.

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